Fix: Netgear Genie Continues to Appear After Installing the Extender

netgear-genie-continues-to- appear-after-installing-the-extender

Netgear genie continues to appear even after setting up the extender successfully? Not to worry! Here, we will ring up the curtains from the troubleshooting tactics to resolve this issue. Read on.

Netgear genie wizard makes the WiFi extender installation a piece of cake for all users across the globe. You can access the Netgear wizard via a web browser. It provides you with a simple dashboard to observe, control, and troubleshoot home networks.

With genie, you can perform the following tasks directly from your desktop:

  • Take a speed test of your network

  • Change the network name and password of your network

  • Set up live parental controls

  • Create a guest network for your friends

  • Find all the connected devices to your network through a network map

Apart from this, it also makes the setup process of Netgear range ext as easy as A, B, C.

No matter how much features the genie provides you, it also meets you to a few technical issues. The most common issue is that Netgear genie continues to appear regardless of what you try to remove it. Therefore, we have brought this post into the limelight to tell you about how to get rid of this issue in a matter of minutes. Let’s take the plunge.

Netgear genie might become visible rather than websites which you try to open when your device is connected to the extender network. It is one of the most annoying Netgear genie problems faced by almost every user.

You will probably be wondering that what is the reason behind this issue, right? Well, let us tell you as we have found its reasons as well.

Why Netgear Genie Continues to Appear

problem mostly occurs in one of the following scenarios:

  • When the connection between the extender and access point or router is no more.

  • If the manual configuration of range extender is failed.

Now, you are completely aware of the reasons behind the Netgear genie setup continues to appear issue. So just go for troubleshooting.

Fix: Netgear Genie Keeps on Appearing After Extender Installation

Consider the instructions mentioned underneath to fix Netgear genie that continues to appear after installation:

1. Reboot Your Extender and Router

The basic troubleshooting step is rebooting or power-cycling. Turning off any device for a couple of minutes and then turning that back on again is known as power-cycling or rebooting. Do the same with your range extender as well as router or access point.

2.Reconnect to the Network

The next step is to connect your Netgear extender to the WiFi network once again. For this, disconnect the extender from the network first. After that, check the list of available networks. Choose the one and connect to that right away. The network may ask you to enter a password for connecting to it.

3.Access the Genie Wizard

This step requires you to use a computer or laptop. So if you have the one, power that on accurately. Open any web browser on to it. In the address bar, type and hit enter key.
Doing so will take you to the login web page. Type the username and password to proceed further. Once done, the Netgear wizard opens.

Clear the Junk Files on Web Browser

The web browser you use to access the extender wizard may contain some junk files. These include cache, cookies, and history which may result in the issue. So, it is recommended to clear such files from your web browser.
You can also switch to another internet browser to make sure that the issue is not related to the browser.
So, these were the best ways to rectify the ‘Netgear genie continues to appear’ issue. Just in case you are still facing the same issue, get in touch with our technical experts anytime.