Fixed: iPhone not Connecting to WiFi of Netgear Extender’s Network


So you have successfully set up your Netgear WiFi extender and are now looking to enjoy seamless internet connectivity. But what’s that? iPhone not connecting to WiFi! Well, don’t curse your internet! The issue can be fixed by following a few diagnostic tips.

Here is the complete guide to resolve ‘iPhone not connecting to extender’s network’ issue. This guide will help you out if you are seeking the solution of:

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So let’s get started!

Connect iPhone to WiFi

Prior to troubleshooting ‘iPhone WiFi won’t connect’ error, ensure that you are connecting your iPhone to WiFi in the right way. Here are the steps to connect iPhone to your extender’s network:

  • Go to iPhone settings and check if the WiFi is enabled.
  • Find your extender’s network through the search option.
  • Now, enter the password to connect to your WiFi network.

In case your iPhone doesn’t connect to WiFi even after following the aforementioned steps in the exact order, continue reading for the solution.

Why is iPhone Unable to Join Network?

Once set up, your Netgear WiFi range extender will let you connect to its newly created Netgear_ext network. But at times, iPhone rejects WiFi network due to which you become unable to access the Internet. So you first need to find out what is blocking the connection pathway between iPhone and the Internet. Here is a list of possible reasons:

  • The router shows orange/red light
  • Your Internet bill is pending
  • You are entering wrong WiFi password
  • Poor network signal
  • Firmware issues
  • Excess security on iPhone
  • Software errors
  • Network traffic
  • No LED light on your Netgear extender
  • You are using your iPhone out of the WiFi network range
  • Having faulty updates on iPhone

So now you know the basic reason behind the connection issue on your iPhone. Here’s what you need to do to resolve this issue.

Troubleshooting: iPhone Can’t Connect to WiFi

Walk through the instructions mentioned below to resolve ‘iPhone not connecting to WiFi’ issue.

  1. Start with the iPhone scan and verify if there is no virus in your device.
  2. In the same manner, check the router network once and make sure that it is free from all sorts of viruses.
  3. Restart both the extender and iPhone to root out firmware crash and minor technical glitches.
  4. Change the position of your extender in such a way that no radio waves-emitting device is nearby.
  5. Try to use your iPhone within the range of your Netgear extender’s network only.
  6. Confirm if there is any VPN or proxy server is enabled. If found, turn them off right away.
  7. Keep in mind to use the latest extender firmware version. If not, update the Netgear extender firmware via mywifiext local immediately.
  8. If there is any security software installed on your router, disable that to fix the issue.
  9. Upgrade the network card and iPhone OS to get the higher encryption on WiFi router.
  10. Check the WiFi password you are entering every time to connect your iPhone.

Follow the aforementioned troubleshooting steps carefully and get rid of ‘iPhone won’t connect to WiFi’ issue. In case the Internet is still not working on your iPhone, make sure to contact the highly-experienced and knowledgeable experts. They will definitely fix the issue in a matter of minutes.