Getting a “We Can’t Find Your Orbi” message? Here’s the fix

Getting a “We Can't Find Your Orbi” message? Here's the fix

The Netgear Orbi RBR850 is powerhouse of a Wi-Fi router. With this Netgear has come up with the best networking product to help you enjoy seamless internet connectivity. The Orbi AX satellites increase the range of your home Wi-Fi network with ease. Unfortunately, many Orbi users are reportedly facing a we can’t find your orbi error message.

Come! Let us first try to understand what this error message is about.

What is the “We Can’t Find Your Orbi” Error Message?

The we can’t find your orbi error message does not lets you access the router’s UI to change any settings. Whether you try the official Orbi app or the web address for troubleshooting the issue, both do not work. It is here the Orbi app displays the Orbi not working error message. The internet connection is however active.

Some Netgear orbi users try to disable certain settings on their mobile devices but it does not seems to help with the issue. Are you one of these users? Don’t worry! Pay attention to the information below.

Reasons Behind the Orbi Not Working Issue

Given below are 6 reasons why you are facing this issue.

1. Loose Cable Connections

There is a chance the connection between the Orbi router and modem is not stable. You might be using a faulty or damaged Ethernet cable to connect the two. Doing this will cause instability in the connection and prevent you from accessing the internet.

Make sure you use a new and undamaged Ethernet cable to connect both. This ensures a smooth connection between the two and seamless internet access for you. Tight cable connections also come handy when you are performing the Netgear Orbi setup.

2. Unstable Connection Between Devices

If you are using wireless connection to access the internet, make sure the router and modem are kept at an equal distance from each other. In simple terms, never keep them too close as it will lead to collision between the wireless signals.

Also, you should not keep them too far away as it will make it difficult for the router and modem to communicate and send the Wi-Fi signal. It lead to problems when you try to access the internet. Doing either of these causes the orbi not working error message to show up.

3. Wi-Fi Interference

Do you keep the Orbi router inside a wooden cabinet or near a solid cement wall? Never do that, especially when you use Wi-Fi to connect a device to the network. Placing the device near such surfaces does not lets you access the internet. The slightest interference with Wi-Fi signals can wreak havoc on your internet browsing experience.

You should keep the router away from devices such as:

  • Baby monitors
  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Cordless phones
  • Washing machines
  • Mirror
  • Metal objects
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Smart cameras

Keeping the Orbi router away from these devices ensures a smooth flow of Wi-Fi signals. Also, try placing the Wi-Fi router in the middle of the establishment as that helpss you connect to the network from anywhere in the establishment.

4. Virus Infection

Internet has helped individuals and businesses have a stable communicaion with others. Unfortunately, it is also riddled with websites and applications that wreak havoc on your internet network. It is not so different when it comes to your Orbi Wi-Fi router.

If your computer does not have an active antivirus protection, chances are you will come across the We can’t find your orbi error message. This has a bad impact on not only your ability to connect to the internet it also makes the Orbi device vulnerable to cyberattacks.

5. Router and Satellite Not Synced

Synchronization of the Orbi Wi-Fi router and satellite is must for you to enjoy seamless wireless connectivity. It helps you enjoy wireless connectivity from any corner of the establishment. Any disturbance in this syncing makes it impossible for you to even complete the Netgear orbi setup let alone access the internet.

6. Poor Network Connectivity

Any network-related issue from your ISPs (Internet Service Provider) end will result in disruption of signals to the Orbi Wi-Fi router. In such a scenario connect with the ISP to get the issue resolved to enjoy smooth internet connectivity.


Are you facing the we can’t find your orbi error message? Check out this guide to understand the problem and how you can take care of it.