How to Connect 2 Netgear WiFi Extenders?

While you are experimenting with widening the existing WiFi range in your home, WiFi range extenders can help. We all know that even the best routers can fail to furnish complete WiFi requirements in the home. Despite investing in the best router, placing it in the best possible location, and buying the best network plan, you may experience WiFi dead zones around. Are you struggling with limited internet connectivity and dead spots, and have already installed a WiFi range extender? Do you have certain areas in the home where you are getting poor internet connectivity? Are you skeptical about whether you can install one more extender in your home or not? If yes, then how to connect 2 Netgear WiFi extenders? Walk through the blog to get the answers to all these questions.

How Do WiFi Extenders Work?

Before we tell you about if you can connect 2 WiFi extenders or not and if yes, then how to connect them, we want you to understand the concept of how the WiFi extenders work. By getting an insight into this, you can get a clear understanding of what we are going to discuss further in the blog.

Netgear WiFi range extender when installed in the home, needs to be connected to the main gateway which can be a router or a modem. The extender takes in signals from the main gateway and further extends it to reach the areas where the signal wasn’t reaching earlier. How does this work and what are the main factors that you need to keep in consideration, you will find them in the upcoming sections.

Can You Use 2 Netgear WiFi Extenders?

So, you already have one Netgear WiFi range extender in place and are looking to install another WiFi range extender since you are still getting WiFi dead spots in various other parts of the home. The question is can you use 2 Netgear WiFi extenders in your home or not? Well, the answer to this question is, Yes, you can.

How to Connect 2 Netgear WiFi Extenders?

Let us now help you with how to add one more Netgear WiFi range extender to the home network. There are many factors that you need to consider while connecting an additional Netgear extender. Here they are:

Avoid Daisy Chains Networks

If you have a complicated home layout or have a really large home, then one WiFi extender won’t help fix WiFi dead spots. You can add more than one extender to your home network to get rid of the hard-to-access areas. But while you are going to connect 2 Netgear WiFi extenders, make sure you are not daisy chaining them. Daisy chain means connecting the router to the extender and then the second extender to the 1st extender wirelessly. This will affect the WiFi performance. All you will get is a poor network despite investing in 2 WiFi range extenders. Daisy chains are officially not supported, FYI.

The ideal setup would be connecting both extenders to the host router directly. That way the router sits in between and the extenders are sitting on two opposite sides ready to eliminate dead spots in two different parts of the home.

Prefer Access Point Setup

Another thing that you need to consider before connecting the additional Netgear range extender in the home is that you are setting it up in access point mode only. Netgear extender setup in AP mode employs an Ethernet cable to connect the networking devices, which are the router and extender. The steps for setting up the Netgear range extender in AP mode are given below for your convenience:

  • Unbox the newly purchased Netgear WiFi range extender.
  • Connect the antennas (if any) and also connect the power adapter to it.
  • Plug the WiFi extender into an active wall socket and turn it on.
  • Use an Ethernet cable and connect the extender to the host router.
  • Power up the router as well.
  • Now, use a PC and visit on a browser.
  • Login using the default login credentials.
  • Keep executing the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the Netgear extender setup in AP mode.

Need More Info?

You now know how to connect 2 Netgear WiFi extenders. Although investing in a mesh system is always the best option to have the best WiFi network coverage in the home, if you want to connect 2 Netgear WiFi extenders in your home, then the steps given above will help you. If you want to know more about a WiFi mesh system, or you need help setting up your Netgear extender, then reach out to our experts.