I Can’t Connect to WiFi Extender on My Phone. What to Do?

Can’t Connect to WiFi Extender on My Phone

You can connect as many as WiFi clients to a range extender’s network and a mobile phone is one of them. If you have a Netgear extender and can’t connect to its network using a phone, this blog can help you out. Mentioned here are the troubleshooting solutions that you need to follow in order to put an end to your worry i.e. why I can’t connect to WiFi extender on my phone?

Before diving deep into this troubleshooting guide, we want you to ensure that you are using the correct WiFi password of the extender’s network. This is because at times, users enter the wrong password to connect to the extender on phone and end up complaining they can’t achieve success with the connection process.

Troubleshooting: Can’t Connect to WiFi Extender on My Phone

Walk through the below-given troubleshooting techniques if entering the correct WiFi password of the extender hasn’t helped you fix the connectivity issue between the extender and your mobile phone.

1. Update the Extender’s Firmware

This technique requires a wired connection between your computer/laptop and the Netgear extender. Thus, have access to a non-damaged one and use it to connect your PC and extender. Once done, load an internet browser and go to the mywifiext login URL. Check if your extender needs a firmware update. In case, a new version is available, you should install it on your Netgear extender as soon as possible. After that, try reconnecting your mobile phone to the Netgear extender’s network.


2. Get in the WiFi Range

There are chances that you are trying to connect to the WiFi extender’s network out of its range. Know that, you won’t be able to join the extender’s WiFi if you try to do it at a location where the extender is unable to send its signals. Therefore, we recommend you come a little closer to the extender and see if things work in your favor. If they do, then no more troubleshooting is required.

3. Remove Signal Interference

Sometimes, the problem occurs due to WiFi signal interference. There is a high possibility that the signals emitted by your Netgear extender are either getting obstructed or diverted, but, they are not reaching your mobile phone. To make things up, you should get the signal interference removed from the path of the signals emitted by your extender. You can be ensured about that by placing your extender away from devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies and objects containing a large amount of water.

4. Restart the Mobile Phone

You can’t connect to your WiFi extender on your phone if the mobile phone is dealing with some kind of technical glitches. To rule them out, restarting the mobile phone will work. So, press and hold the Power button of your mobile device until you see a few options. From there, select Reboot/Restart and let your mobile phone work properly again. After that, reconnect your mobile phone to the WiFi extender network.

Quick Tip: If you want your mobile phone to join the extender’s network effortlessly, you are suggested to turn off the cellular data. The reason being, the mobile phone will try to drift toward the stable network.

The Final Words

It is now time to wrap up the post that explained what to do if you can’t connect to the WiFi extender on your phone. Hopefully, with the help of these tips, you will be able to connect your devices without any hassle. Although the tips given here are written with respect to a Netgear extender, you can use them for a WiFi range extender from any brand.

Also, if you are still facing problems, access the web GUI of the root router and check that you have not blocked the mobile phone from connecting to the router’s network. You should also check the Access Control settings of the Netgear extender.