Netgear Circle With Disney App: Control Kids’ Online Screen Time

The internet – an open place to anyone where it can apparently happen just anything. We all take the essential safety measures to safeguard our home, car, valuables, and other assets from any potential theft or damage, right? Yup! But have you ever concerned about protecting that which is the most precious to you i.e. your beloved family members?

In this online world, almost all children have easy access to the internet. Being a parent, it can be a scary thought! Of course, if you are a parent, you would probably be wondering how can you limit the time they spend online – all that online shopping, gaming, chatting, and YouTubing?

How will you keep your kids away from potentially irrelevant and dangerous online stuff – that too without continuously looking over their shoulder? Netgear Circle with Disney app is the ultimate solution!

In case you have kids, you will surely want to keep an eye on their screen time. Yeah, gotcha!

In actual fact, as per the 2017 Census, 2 to 4 years old kids spend an average of around 2 hours and 40 minutes each day behind a screen. What’s more, screen time increases as they grow older.

Curious to know more about Circle on the Netgear app? Here’s the post for you! Here, you will get to know how this screen monitoring app works.

What Actually Circle With Disney is All About

Circle with Disney is an application which is available to download on your PC, smartphone and tablet. With this app, you can set time limits for websites and apps on your home devices. In addition to this, you can even stop WiFi access for particular hours.

Let’s explain this with an example: you are able to set your kid’s smartphone to allow 20 minutes on YouTube, 15 minutes on PUBG, 40 minutes on school-related apps and 10 minutes on Netflix. Apart from this, you can stop all internet access for your kids between 4 pm to 7 pm for study time and turn it off completely at 9.30 pm for bedtime.

Cool, isn’t it?

Initial Setup

Unlike setup (For Netgear Extenders), it is a snap to make things work on the very simple Circle with Disney app. Here are the complete steps to set up the app without a hitch:

  • Download the Circle on the Netgear app on your device.
  • Once downloaded, launch the app.
  • Tap on the Get Started button.
  • Ensure that your device is connected to the router’s network.
  • Now, click on the Enable Circle button.

That’s it! If you come across any sort of technical issue while setting up and using the app, get in touch with experts.

A screen will open, showing you three basic options namely Filter, Pause, and History options.

Afterward, set up your family like Dad, Mom, and the rest of the kids. You can now set up a customized filter for each family member by using the App Category. After the setup process, the Circle on Netgear enables you to customize settings in accordance with your kid and gadget so that you can know where your family spends time online.

One thing to note down: Make sure that your router has a high-speed internet connection while using the Circle with Disney app. If not, boost your WiFi speed by installing the Netgear extender.

How does Circle with Disney Differ from the Rest?

Dissimilar to other parental controls that only filter content on websites, Circle on Netgear is capable of filtering content in apps too. Thus, your kids would only be able to access apps and websites that are designed for their particular age group, and for the time limits you have set up. With Circle with Disney Netgear app, you can specify exactly what you wish your child to see.

Parenting has never been a cakewalk. And in this techno-digital era, parents face even more distressing concerns like never before. Circle on Netgear lets you confidently set consistent and clear guidelines so that the internet becomes a safe and protected place for your kids.

So why waiting? It’s time for some practical! Go ahead and block chat apps, social media apps, or any website which has inappropriate content.