Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Telstra Modem WiFi [Fixed]

Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Telstra Modem WiFi

If your Netgear extender is not connecting to Telstra modem WiFi, then you might be trying to set it up in the Extender mode. Therefore, you are suggested to perform Netgear extender setup in the Access Point mode. Also, if your extender has a mode selector button, ensure that it is set to the Access Point position.

On the off-chance, you are still unable to connect your Netgear extender to Telstra modem WiFi, you should walk through the techniques given below.

Solved: Netgear Extender Not Connecting to Telstra Modem WiFi

Use a Damage-free LAN Cable

To connect your Telstra modem and Netgear extender successfully, it is important to use an Ethernet cable that is free of damages. Know that a damaged Ethernet cable won’t be able to help you with the connection process. If you get successful anyhow, then there will be fluctuations in the signals. Apart from this, ensure that the cable is connected properly to the correct ports of your networking devices.

Bring the Extender Close to Telstra Modem

The Netgear extender not connecting to Telstra modem issue can also arise if both devices are too far. There needs to be an optimal distance between both devices for a successful connection. So, bring both the devices closer. You can maintain a distance of 8ft between them. However, you have to be very sure that you do not reduce the distance to zero. This can lead to a clash of WiFi signals of your Telstra modem and the Netgear extender.

Restart Both Devices

Technical glitches or bugs can also be the reason why you are not able to connect the extender and modem. Thus, you should reboot your devices to get rid of technical glitches. All you have to do is unplug the extender and Telstra modem from their power outlets and let them sit idle. After a few minutes, switch on both devices and try reconnecting them.

Reset the Extender

There are chances that you are trying to connect an already configured extender to the Telstra modem. This is to inform you that you cannot set up the extender that is running on customized settings. Thus, you should perform a factory default reset of your Netgear extender first. To reset the extender, you just need to press its Reset button with the help of a sharp object.

Reset the Extender

Reconfigure the Extender at Last

As soon as you reset the extender, if will start running on the factory default settings. In other words, it will have the default password “password”, the default SSID “Netgear_EXT”, and the default username “admin”. However, the default WiFi password can be checked from the extender’s user manual. Using all these default settings, you can set up the extender using the login URL.

Quick Tip: As there is a wired connection between the extender and the modem in the Access Point mode, you must know that the default IP of the extender will not work. In this case, you will have to access the admin portal of your Telstra modem and check the IP assigned to your Netgear extender. After that, you can use that IP to set up the extender.

To Sum Up

This was all about what to do if your Netgear extender is not connecting to Telstra modem WiFi. We hope that after following the tips given above, you will be able to connect your devices successfully.