Netgear WiFi Extender Internet Not Available [Quick Solutions]

WiFi Extender Internet Not Available

In case you are using a router in your home but are unable to access the internet in every nook and cranny of your house, then you ought to install a Netgear extender without thinking much. Doing so will extend the network provided by the router and transmit it to every corner of the house. This means that regardless of the location where your client device, you will have internet access. What is that? Did you do the exact thing but got stuck with the Netgear WiFi extender internet not available issue?

Does this mean that you are not able to access the internet on your device at all? Well, this is even worse than using a router. At least you were accessing the internet then, even if had a slow speed. Well, thinking much about it will only stress your brain out. To avoid this from troubling you anymore, you ought to make your way to the solutions provided in this blog post. Worry not, none of them talk about the need to reset or restore your networking device to the default factory settings.

Is Netgear WiFi Extender Internet Not Available?

1st Solution: Give the Extender a New Start

Let us be frank, the easiest way through which literally every issue gets resolved is a simple restart. We are expecting that the same is required to help you to fix the issue. Given this, restart your device and see in case the Netgear WiFi extender internet not available issue has been resolved.

Though we are sure that you will not have to read the rest of this blog post, one out of ten, in case you have to, then do not hesitate even for a second.

2nd Solution: Put the Ethernet Cable to Use

Most people consider joining the devices using a wireless medium. While setting up the extender, they use the WPS method to avoid the hassle of using wires. However, for most of them, this turns out to be fatal as wireless sources are not reliable. We are assuming that this could have led you here.

To troubleshoot it, you ought to use a cable for joining the extender to the router. Ensure that you hear the click sound while inserting the cable into the ports.

3rd Solution: Use a Damage-Free Cable Only

Let us think for a second that you are amongst those users who have already used a wire to connect the devices but still somehow managed to get stuck with the Netgear WiFi extender internet not available issue, then what? Well, in that case, the reason why you are here is a damaged Ethernet cable.

To reverse the situation for yourself, you ought to use a damage-free cable for connecting the devices. Also, the connection should not be loose.

4th Solution: Relocate the Netgear Extender

Where have you placed your extender? Is it near the router? No? Well then, you have just discovered the fourth reason why the Netgear WiFi extender internet not available issue is troubling you. Think about it, if the extender is not connected to the router, then it won’t have internet thereby not providing any too.

To take care of the problem, you should consider placing the extender near the router, but not too close as the signals will collide.

5th Solution: Update the Extender Firmware

Were none of the aforementioned tips fruitful enough for you to fix the Netgear WiFi extender internet not available issue? Well, in that scenario, you ought to update the firmware of your networking device to its latest version via Now, the question is if your extender is not providing WiFi, how you will execute the process?

Well, for this, you need to use the hotspot provided by your mobile and read the steps given in the manual of the extender to complete updating it.


Troubleshooting the Netgear WiFi extender internet not available issue is no big deal but some people make it out to be. Considering you are sadly one of them, we are expecting that you will be able to join your device to the network of the extender and have internet access. To join your devices, you can use any approach. The processes may differ a little. In the first method, you need to select the network name and enter the required network key and in the second method, you need to use a cable.