No Internet When Using WiFi Extender With External Antenna?

No Internet When Using WiFi Extender With External

You can use your WiFi extender with external antenna to get better network. External antennas increase the bandwidth thereby allowing more data to be transmitted over the internet.
So you have connected your Netgear WiFi extender with an external antenna but there’s no internet. Allow us to help you out. We helped a Netgear user who had a similar concern. The blog post will help you understand the scenario and also help you to resolve the issue that you are currently experiencing.

Can’t Use WiFi Extender with External Antenna: FIXED

The Problem

Walk through the scenario that our user was experiencing. There’s a WiFi router that’s placed inside the home. User needs internet connection in the garage that has double steel walls. So, he installed a Netgear WiFi extender model EX6120 in the garage. Signals from the router can’t penetrate through the walls. He invested an external antenna Tupavco TP542 that’s mounted outside the garage and is hardwired to the EX6120. Even after connecting the WiFi extender with external antenna, there’s no internet connection. What to do in such a situation?

The Solution!!

We have penned down the troubleshooting process followed by our experts who have helped the user in discussion. There are a few steps that you need to execute to get rid of the issue that you are currently facing. Read them ahead.
Before you begin giving a shot at these solutions, we suggest you check the signals from your WiFi router. Make certain that it works well. Examine its power supply. The router must be able to provide a stable internet. Log in to your router and update its firmware if you haven’t done it for a long time. You can use the IP address to log in. Some routers use as default IP. Use the IP address assigned to your router and do the login to update its firmware.

Place the External Antenna in Router’s Range

The external antenna must be placed within the range of the WiFi router. The whole purpose that you’ve connected WiFi extender with external antenna is to get signals from the router. But if the antenna is not getting signals itself, how will the purpose be served?
We suggest you moving the antenna in a way that it sits within the boundary line of the router in your home.

Check the Cable

There are two ways you can get signals from the external antenna. One is wireless and the second one is using a cable. If you have hardwired the WiFi extender to the external antenna then examine the cable. Check if it has cuts on it. It should be damage free. Apart from that, make sure that the cable is inserted into the right ports and is making a firm connection. No loose connections will help you get internet signals.

Bring Extender in Range

There are chances that the Netgear WiFi extender is not placed within the range of the external antenna. This possibility is valid only when you are connecting these two devices wirelessly. Check the same. Try reducing the distance separating the two devices and then see if you get internet signals from your WiFi range extender.

Check Antenna Connectors

If there’s a faulty connection between the antenna and extender then you will not get internet signals from it. One of the primary reasons for a faulty connection is loose or missing connector on the antenna. Check the connectors properly and see to it that everything is well intact. The extension cable running from the extender to the antenna shouldn’t be loose due to faulty connector.

Power Cycle the Network

Minor glitches can affect the functioning of the technical devices. Power cycling works like magic to do away with any such glitches. Try it out now. Power down the Netgear WiFi extender and take out its power cable. Do the same with the WiFi router. Let the devices be idle for some time. Remove the cable that’s making a connection between the extender and the external antenna.
After some time, make the connection once again. Plug in the router and turn it on and then power on the Netgear WiFi extender. The devices should work well without giving you any trouble.

Let’s Wrap it Up

If you have connected WiFi extender with external antenna but you get no internet signals then applying the fixes given in this post will be helpful. These fixes have worked well with other users who had similar concerns.
We are sure that you are now getting better signals from your extender. Connect to it and enjoy internet access on all the devices.