Sonic Fiber Internet Causing Extender-Router No WiFi Issue

Sonic Fiber Internet Causing Extender-Router No WiFi

There are several users out there who are not able to make the most of their Netgear range extenders. This is simply because cable modem router which has been getting Sonic Fiber internet services is now lagging behind. As per our research, this issue has been caused due to not just the issues from the end of Sonic fiber internet but also the extender in use.

Regardless of the factor responsible for the issue at hand, we can be a helping hand to you. As you will read further, you will learn about the several ways through which you can resolve it in a hassle-free manner. Without any further ado, get down to reading.

Sonic Fiber Internet Lagging? What to Do?

1st Case: Issue from Sonic Fiber Internet

– Check for a Compromised Fiber Cable

The very reason why you are experiencing the no WiFi issue is because the fiber cable in use is not securely seated into the required ports. This could be because the cable is damaged. In this case, you should consider tapping up the cable with a tape. Although this will make the fruit of result drop right in your lap, in case it does not, then it is recommended that you use another cable. For this, you will have to step out of your house.

– There Has Been a Random Fiber Outage

You should know that in the event of a Fiber outage, your Fiber service will be completely down or intermittent. Receiving updates regarding the status of the outage as well as the resolution are really important in this case. Therefore, in order to receive updates regarding an outage, it is recommended that you subscribe to the Sonic’s Message of the Day. You can do this by putting Member Tools to use.

– Do Not Ignore Schedule Maintenance

Occasionally scheduled maintenance is necessary as it performs repairs, upgrades the equipment or improves the infrastructure of the Fiber. If this maintenance was ignored by you when it was required, then it is no shocker why Sonic Fiber Internet services are not ready to have your back. In this case, whenever a new maintenance is schedules, do not ignore it. In case these two tips failed to help you out, continue reading.

Sometimes, users just assume that the issue is because of Sonic Fiber Internet services, but in reality, it is just assumption. The problem is with the extender or cable modem router that they are using. Chances are that the same has happened with you. In that case, the information given in the following segment will be helpful.

2nd Case: Issue from Extender or Router

– Restart the WiFi Extender and Router

Power cycling or restarting the technical devices has proved to help out several users when it comes down to getting rid of connectivity issues. We are expecting that this little effort helps you to get rid of the issue in debate as well.

With keeping this hope in heart, go through these instructions to power cycle your devices:

  • Locate the power button on the Netgear extender and then the cable modem router.
  • Once done, press it.
  • Now, you may wait for the LED to blink no color.
  • Sing the chorus of your favorite song.
  • Doing so will give the devices enough time to rest.
  • Once you feel that they are done resting, then turn them ON.
  • For this, you need to press the same button that you did to turn them OFF.

Now, check again where you are able to access the internet or not without facing any unwanted technical issues. In case you are still not able to, then it is probably because the distance between your networking devices is much more than it is required.

– Place the WiFi Devices a Little Closer

There is a very high possibility that you have kept the Netgear wireless range extender in one corner of the house and the cable modem router in another corner is an attempt to receive signal in every corner of the house but you made the wrong move.

More than require distance between the devices can make it difficult for your devices to transmit signals properly. If this continues to happen, then you can forget about resolving the issue in the picture, on the contrary, you will end up inviting more issues to the table.

To put a stop to this from happening any more, you ought to bring the networking close to each other. However, not too close. Otherwise, their signals will meet with a collision. In case you still cannot fix the issue, perform a cable modem router reset.

As soon as the reset finishes, set up the router via the correct IP. Do not use or if the IP address is You can confirm the IP address of your networking device by reading the one given in the product manual.

The Bottom Line

We are wrapping up this blog post. Here is to hope that you will easily be able to fix the Netgear extender-router no WiFi caused by Sonic Fiber Internet services issue in minutes.