Tips To Perform Netgear Extender Installation Using

tips-to-perform-netgear-extender is the default IP address that you use for logging into a Netgear WiFi range extender. If you aren’t able to access the settings of your extender using, you can make use of the IP address instead. However, many people face issues while trying to log into their Netgear extender using the default IP address. To make sure that you don’t go through the same thing, we are here to guide you. Through this blog post, we will present you with one of the topmost tips that you need to keep in mind while performing Netgear extender installation using

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Tips to Remember While Performing Netgear Extender Installation

Have You Picked the Right Spot?

The first thing that you need to take care of while performing Netgear extender installation is its placement. It is important for you to place your Netgear WiFi range extender in the same room as your home router. This helps in maintaining a good connection between your WiFi devices.

Also, keep your extender far away from transmitting appliances, metal objects, and reflexive surfaces, The reason being, such appliances can easily hamper your range extender setup process and prove to be fatal.

Is Your Wall Socket Working?

Another important tip to keep in mind while installing your extender by using is that your Netgear extender should be plugged into a working wall socket. The wall socket that you are using to plug your extender shouldn’t be damaged. If it is, them either get it fixed or plug your Netgear WiFi range extender into a different wall outlet.

Are You Using an Updated Web Browser?

Half of the time users aren’t able to log into their Netgear extender is because of an outdated web browser. To prevent yourself from making the same mistake, ensure that you are using a web browser that is up-to-date.

That’s not working either? Don’t bang your head against the wall. Follow either of the things outlined below:

  • Clear up the cache, and browsing history of your web browser.
  • Switch to a different browser to perform Netgear extender installation with ease.

Do You Have a Fast Internet Connection?

The topmost thing that you need to keep in mind while performing a Netgear Genie setup using the default IP address is a fast internet connection. More than three-fourths of the population face issues setting up their technical device? You know why? Because of a slow or lack of internet connection.

To ensure that you don’t get pushed into the same ocean, we recommend you use an Ethernet cable. Although a wireless source is fascinating, using an Ethernet cable for a fast connection is a more reliable solution.

This was all about the tips that you need to keep in mind while performing Netgear extender installation using But, in case these tips weren’t of help to you, we have listed some bonus tips below for you to go through.

Bonus Tips

  • While trying to log into your Netgear WiFi range extender, type the default IP address carefully in the URL bar of your web browser.
  • Ensure that you enter the default IP address in the address bar of your web browser instead of the search bar.
  • The web browser that you are using for Netgear extender installation shouldn’t be loaded with malicious files and viruses. If your web browser is filled with them, not only will your computer get slower but the IP address also won’t respond.
  • The firmware of your Netgear range extender should not be outdated. In case it is, update it without giving it a second thought.
  • Ensure that your Netgear extender is receiving live internet signals from your home router. Also, check if all your WiFi devices are receiving enough power supply. Afterall, electricity is needed to get the devices working.

That was it. We hope that we were of some help to you in providing the necessary tips to remember while performing a Netgear extender installation. In case you come across any issues, you can reach out to us anytime. We are here to provide you with immediate assistance.