Why is Xfinity Router Not Working with WiFi Extender?

Xfinity Router Not Working with WiFi Extender

I have an Xfinity router set up at my home which is working absolutely fine for almost a year now. The internet signals that I receive from the router are good, but I can’t get its signals in the backyard. To get internet signals there, I got a WiFi extender from Netgear. But the Xfinity router does not seem to like the extender. The connection seems next to impossible.

Are you having similar concerns? Read this post if your Xfinity router not working with your WiFi extender.

Xfinity Router Not Working with WiFi Extender: Try This!!

Most Netgear WiFi extenders are universal extenders and can work pretty well with any router make and model. Your Netgear extender should also work with the Xfinity router without any doubt. Is your Xfinity router not working with the WiFi extender? There could be some other reason that’s stopping the connection between the two devices. Find the troubleshooting fixes in this section and use them to make the connection successful.

Try Rebooting the Xfinity Router

The very first fix that you must give a shot at is to reboot the Xfinity router to recover its settings and give the network connection a new start. The router will also get some rest which is essential for it to work properly. All that you should to do is power off the router from its Power button and then unplug its power cable. Wait for a minimum of 5 minutes and then plug it back. Use its Power button to turn it on. Try to connect it to the Netgear WiFi extender.

Use another LAN Cable

The cable that is used to join the Netgear WiFi extender to the Xfinity extender has to be in good condition. Try using another cable to join the two devices now. Besides, make certain that the ports in use are the right ones and non-damaged. Bear in mind that you need to use the Internet port on the extender and the LAN port on the router to establish the connection.

Update the Router’s Firmware

Are you still facing issues with your Xfinity router? Is it still not working with the extender? Looks like the router is running on an older firmware version. Have you not updated your router for some time now? Why don’t you update your router’s firmware now? Use the IP and log in to your Xfinity router to check for updates. Are there any pending updates? Yes? What are you waiting for? Update the router right away. As soon as the router has the latest firmware version installed on it, you’ll have no issue connecting it to the WiFi extender. It will work without giving you any trouble.

Power Cycle the Entire Network

If the Xfinity router not working with the WiFi extender even after its firmware update, then you should power cycle the whole network. Power cycling works wonders to resolve technical issues. We are sure this process will also help you get your Xfinity router connected to the Netgear wireless extender. The process, however, should be performed carefully since you need to remove the cables and wires during the process. Here are the steps:

  • Toggle the Power buttons on the Netgear extender and Xfinity router to the off position.
  • Unplug their power cables as well.
  • Also, power off the PC or phone that you’re putting to use to complete the extender setup.
  • Detach the LAN cable connecting them.
  • Remove any other cable that’s connected to the devices.
  • Wait for some time now and let your devices stay in the idle state for some state.
  • Begin by making the cable connections. Join the cables the way they were earlier connected. Make sure the connections are finger-tight and nowhere near loose.
  • Plug in the router first to turn it on and then turn on the extender after waiting for 2 minutes.
  • Finally, turn on the PC or phone as well and try the Netgear extender setup process once again.

Get the WiFi Extender Updated

Incompatible firmware versions on the two devices can also cause connection issues. The firmware installed on the Netgear WiFi extender may not be compatible with the firmware installed on the Xfinity router. During the Netgear extender setup, when you’re prompted to update its firmware, we recommend you not to click the Skip button. Get the extender updated and then you’ll not have any trouble connecting the two devices.


We are very sure that after applying the solutions listed in this post Xfinity router not working with the Netgear WiFi extender will be a thing of the past. Once the devices are connected, you can enjoy the extended network in the backyard using your Netgear extender without any hassle.