Why Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To WiFi Extender?

Why Nintendo Switch Won't Connect To WiFi Extender?

Trying the install a Nintendo switch with the home network but the setup won’t happen as it is not getting connected to the internet? If your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi extender, then reading this blog is going to be helpful to you. Bear in mind that you don’t need a WiFi connection to play games on your Switch. However, a WiFi connection is necessary for its initial setup. Even if you’re creating an account for setup, downloading games, updating software, etc, you need an internet connection. Through this post, we’ll help you with the connection error so that you can enjoy your gaming experience. Let’s begin without any more delay.

Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To WiFi: What to Do?

As the name implies, Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of console and handheld. You can easily Switch handheld, tabletop and TV modes. If the Switch won’t connect to the Netgear WiFi extender then the first thing that you ought to do is to verify the WiFi connection. Ensure that your WiFi extender is working fine. Try connecting other devices like your laptop, computer or smartphone to its network to ensure this. If there’s an issue then get it resolved first.

If the Netgear WiFi extender is working properly but the Switch won’t connect to its network, then give a shot at the troubleshooting tips that we’ve presented ahead.

Check if Nintendo Servers are Down

If the Nintendo servers are down for maintenance or any other reason, then no one can connect to the server. Head to the Nintendo Network Maintenance page to verify the same. If the servers are down and Nintendo is busy with maintenance, then there’s nothing that you can do except wait till the system is back again.

Bring the Switch in the Range

Move the Nintendo Switch closer to the WiFi extender. There is a high possibility that the Switch is placed outside the coverage range. Hence the connection is not happening. All that you need to do in that case is to bring the Switch within the range. This will help you connect it to WiFi with ease.

Update the WiFi Extender

Your Nintendo Switch and Netgear WiFi extender might have firmware updates pending. Updating both of these will be helpful in such an event. As you require an active internet connection to update your Switch, updating it won’t be possible. Therefore update your Netgear extender. The IP will help you to log in to your extender’s web interface on a PC that’s connected to its network. Check for firmware updates and get the latest update installed on the extender. As soon as the extender is updated, try connecting the Switch to its WiFi.

Check If Airplane Mode is Tuned On

There is a possibility that the Airplane mode is accidentally turned on the Switch. Navigate to Settings and turn off the Airplane mode and then try to connect it to WiFi.

Use the Right WiFi Password

Nintendo Switch won’t connect to WiFi if an incorrect WiFi password is put to use to join the extender’s network. Use the right WiFi details and you can connect in a hassle free manner.

Reboot the Switch

Reboot the Switch

Rebooting the Switch can help you resolve any glitch in it. To reboot the switch, you got to push and hold the Power button on the console for about 5 seconds. This opens the menu. Choose the Power Options and select Restart. Once the Switch boots up, try making the connection. If this hasn’t helped, then follow the same steps and this time select Turn Off. This turns off the hardware completely. After a while turn it on and then connect it to the WiFi network.

Power Cycle the Network

Performing a power cycle gives your network connection a new start. To power cycle the whole network, switch off your Netgear wireless extender and the host router by toggling their power buttons. Remove their power adapters from their respective outlets. Wait for about 1 to 2 minutes and then plug them back. Let the devices boot up completely and let the WiFi extender connect to the router. Nintendo Switch won’t have issue connecting to the WiFi extender this time.

Change Network Settings

A Nintendo Switch supports WEP, WPA-PSK (AES), and WPA2-PSK (AES) security. Go to the admin dashboard of your extender by logging in and check its security settings. Make sure that you encrypt your network with these security settings before trying to Switch to WiFi.

The Final Note

Nintendo Switch won’t connect to the WiFi extender isn’t an uncommon issue. Resolving it is an easy job if you try the solutions that have been listed in this post. Connecting your Switch to the Netgear wireless range extender should no longer be a trouble for you. You can now go ahead and complete its initial setup, download games, update its software and make changes to its settings as per your needs.