WiFi Extender Vs Booster: What’s the Difference?

WiFi Extender Vs Booster

Are you not satisfied with the existing network range and speed in your home? Are you looking for a better option to amplify the existing home network range? Google might have suggested you investing in WiFi boosters, extenders or repeaters. But you are confused now. Keep reading this WiFi extender Vs booster blog post to learn the difference and get a good insight to understand about these devices.

WiFi Extender Vs Booster

Internet is the need of the day. We get most of our jobs done online. From shopping to online jobs, everything needs an internet connection. If you have installed a router, then you must be aware that there is a limit to its range and internet speed that it offers. There could be certain parts in the home where you get no or poor WiFi signals from your router. There are some devices that you can use to get internet signals in those areas and turn dead WiFi zones to fun zones.

WiFi extender, wireless range extender, WiFi repeaters, you can call them by any name. But are these terms confusing you? Let us help you understand what each of these terms mean and what the difference between these devices is.

What is a WiFi Booster?

As the name suggests, this is simply a signal booster that is used to amplify the existing signal for the router or access point. A booster connects to the main router or DSL gateway and boosts the signals further by widening the range and improving the internet speeds.

Different types of WiFi boosters are WiFi extenders, repeaters, mesh systems etc. All of these work almost the same way. They take in the signal from one device and extend them further.

Mesh WiFi System consists of two or more devices that are placed in different parts of the home to create a virtual WiFi mesh.

What’s a WiFi Extender?

A WiFi extender or repeater is the same thing. These are just two different terms used for same device. This device is a type of WiFi booster. The wireless range extender takes in the input signals from the main router or the access point and extends it. The existing network range is increased by using an extender. It must be well connected to the router and has to be placed within the router’s network range for optimal performance.

WiFi extender or Booster: Which One to Choose?

If you are looking to widen the existing network range and speed in your home, then you can go for any of the devices that we have discussed above.

Before deciding on a device, we suggest you update your router’s firmware to the latest version using IP or its default IP. This will help you enhance the performance of your router. If you still require an extender or booster, then use the factors given below to decide which one you need.

A few factors that you need to put into consideration while selecting the device are given ahead:

1. Size of your Home

If you have a home with multiple rooms with many walls then it is difficult for a single router to provide internet signal everywhere. There are going to be a plenty of WiFi dead zones where you get no or poor internet. If you install a WiFi extender then it will help you get internet signals only in some areas. For instance, you can extend router’s signals either outside or upstairs using one extender. But if you wish to extend signals at both places, then you’ll need a mesh system. Place different mesh devices in different areas and get extended network.

2. Budget

WiFi range extenders are comparatively less expensive than WiFi mesh systems. Therefore, if your budget allows you to purchase a mesh extender, then opting for one is recommended.

3. Network Requirement

You may need to connect to internet only in a few parts of your home. Or you may need to connect to internet in different rooms of your home. This is entirely personal requirements. If a single extender helps you meet your internet needs then this is the best choice for you. In case you want network connection in all the parts then a mesh system is what you need.

Let’s Wrap Up

So these are some important factors that you must consider while investing in a WiFi mesh system or WiFi extender. You have also learned WiFi extender Vs booster through this blog post. We hope that by now you have gained sufficient knowledge that will help you decide which device you actually need.