XS 6 Nighthawk Extender Unable to Update? What to Do?

XS 6 Nighthawk Extender Unable to Update? What to Do?

Every Netgear wireless range extender comes with an inbuilt firmware. Firmware is synonym or a like word used for software that is known to take full responsibility of the functionality of the device. Perhaps, this is the major factor why it needs to get upgraded on a regular basis. The easiest way to update any Netgear extender is via the Nighthawk app. But, a query rolled out on 21st October 2023 says otherwise. By this, we mean, users have been complaining that they are facing the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue.

Are you also experiencing the same with your networking device when you tried to execute the firmware update process using the Nighthawk application? Well, in that case, it is suggested that the information provided in this blog post is read by you as we have explained every solution that can be implemented to put an end to the issue in debate.

XS 6 Nighthawk Extender Unable to Update Issue [Fixed]

1. Check the Internet Connection

The very primary reason why the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue is not letting you enjoy an upgraded performance of your Netgear wireless range extender is because you have no internet access on your mobile device. Although the Nighthawk app does not require WiFi access to work offline, this does not mean that the extender upgrade process does not either. In view of this, you need to ensure your mobile device has internet or WiFi access for that matter immediately.

This can be done via two options. In the first option, you need to select the WiFi button, enter the required password, and join the network of the Netgear range extender whereas in the second method, you can make use of the mobile data. We would still suggest you go with the first one as the firmware update process will speed up that way.

2. Install an Antivirus Application

Have you considered the possibility that your mobile device might be infected with viruses due to which the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue has been caused? No? Well then, you ought to do so now. In case believing us seems like a big deal as of now, then you can run a virus scan by all means. In case viruses are indeed detected, then you should not worry because there is a solution through which they can be stopped from playing around with your mobile device and stopping you from performing tasks.

To not confuse you with our words more, you should take our advice, and download the antivirus application on your device. But, right before this is brought into action, make sure that you have done enough research as to which is the correct app to install. Once done, access the store of your device and download the one that you feel stands out from the rest.

3. Update the Firmware Manually

Despite losing your mind trying to resolve the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue, in case you are still experiencing it, then perhaps, the time has come for you to change the method that you are using. Since you have been using the Nighthawk application for the firmware update process, you may make the effort to switch to the manual method. Now, the main question is, how will you even know how to manually update the software of your networking device?

Well, for this, we are here. Switch on your laptop and make sure that it is joined to the network of your wireless range extender. Once done, get access to a browser and access the mywifiext.net web address. Log in using the login credentials and make your way to the advanced option. Select and download the firmware update file and wait for some time.

Sum Up

As mentioned in the very introduction of this blog post, updating the firmware of your XS 6 Nighthawk extender is very important as it takes care of its functionality. But, considering you have been a victim of the XS 6 Nighthawk extender unable to update issue, we are expecting that you will be able to stand on the other side by troubleshooting it with the aid of the tips mentioned above. In case, you are still not able to end it for good, then waste no more time resetting or restoring your networking device to the default mode.

The same can be done with the aid of more than one method. In the 1st method, you can use the reset button, in the 2nd one, an access the web user interface, and in the 3rd one, access the Netgear Nighthawk app. To learn about the execution of all of them and the noticeable differences, read what is given in the manual which you got with your device.