Can a Netgear WiFi Extender Work with AT&T Modem Router?

netgear wifi extender work with att modem router

I have an AT&T modem router and I’m looking for a networking extender that can improve its WiFi range. Should I consider opting for a Netgear extender? Can a Netgear WiFi extender work with AT&T modem router? – A netizen.

Like a netizens we have just mentioned, you might also have the same question in mind. The answer to your question is a big YES. It is 100 percent possible to connect a WiFi extender brought in by Netgear to a modem router from the renowned company AT&T. This blog will shed light on the same connection process through

Want to Connect Netgear Extender to AT&T Modem?
Above, you’ve got the answer to the question whether you can connect your extender to the AT&T modem router. But, what if you want to join your extender and modem? The connection is possible in that case too despite the fact the extender should be connected with a WiFi router or a modem router only. There’s a little twist. You will have to install your range extender as an access point in that scenario.

How to Make Netgear WiFi Extender Work with AT&T Modem Router?

You first have to set up the range extender to make it work with the modem router. But, keep in mind that it won’t be possible if your extender isn’t working on the default factory settings. Although the instructions for the factory reset process via the web GUI are given in the user manual, we suggest you proceed via the hard reset method in which you just need to press the extender’s Reset button. After that, you extender will start acting like a new one. In other words, its settings will become those using which you configured it the first time.

Netgear Extender Default Details
Username: admin (in lowercase)
Password: password (in lowercase)
SSID: Netgear_ext

Hardwire Your Devices and Power Them Up

The process of making the Netgear WiFi extender work with AT&T modem router begins by joining their LAN ports. FYI, you must use the modem router’s LAN1 port and the extender’s WAN or Internet port. After you are sure that you have created a finger-tight connection, power up the modem router and then the range extender. Know that your devices are supposed to receive a non-fluctuating power supply throughout the process. Otherwise, making the combo work will remain a day-dream for you.

Visit Netgear Extender Login URL

Connect your computer to the SSID of the Netgear extender i.e. Netgear_ext. Worried about the WiFi password value? You can track its value from the product manual or the label itself. Be sure that you are connecting PC to the right network and are using the correct password. Once done, you need to fire up the default web browser and visit the default address of your Netgear range extender. In case you get the or mywifiext.local not working error message, you must proceed using the extender’s IP address.
mywifiext.local not working

Log In and Choose the Operating Mode

A successful visit to the extender’s IP will load the Netgear Genie login page for you. Here, you will have to enter the default router credentials (Username and Password). It is not necessary that this page will appear. In some extenders, you will be directly taken to the New Extender Setup page that will further unlock access to the window through which you will be able to pick up the operating mode of your extender. You have to select the Extender mode.

Note: Some WiFi range extender models brought in by Netgear have a toggle button with the AP/Extender label. To make your Netgear WiFi extender work with AT&T modem router, you have to flick the button to the Extender position. In this case, you don’t need to select the operating mode after the New Extender Setup page.

Select the Network to Extend (AT&T Modem Router)

The upcoming window will now scan for the WiFi networks available in your area. Therefore, you have to be very sure that your extender is in the modem router’s WiFi range. From the available list, find the network name that belongs to your AT&T modem router. Select it and key in the respective WiFi password. You have to ensure that you are entering the correct password. Click Connect and follow the instructions that appear after that. The extender will now start working with the modem router.

The Conclusion

The discussion regarding what to do in order to make a Netgear extender work with AT&T modem router ends here. Did you get success in connecting your devices and make them work together? No? Well, you might have placed the extender too close to the modem router or in an area that is filled with WiFi interference-creating factors. Thus, consider disconnecting the Ethernet cable connecting the router and your Netgear extender and place them a little apart. You also have to ensure that you have kept your range extender in an area that houses microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, baby monitors, etc.