iRobot Not Connecting to Extender WiFi – How to Troubleshoot

iRobot Not Connecting to Extender WiFi

iRobots are one of the best technological advancements we’ve ever witnessed. After all, they do the job of keeping your house shipshape as per the pre-decided schedule. However, they need a WiFi connection for this. These days, problems from various corners of the world have reported where users are unable to connect their iRobots to WiFi. The proportion is large when it comes to the connection with a WiFi range extender. So, is your iRobot not connecting to extender WiFi? We can sense that nod! It describes the story of your cluttered home. But, worry not! Since we’ve arrived with this post, we will attempt to share a few techniques that can help you revive the connection between an iRobot and a WiFi extender.

Why Don’t You Reboot Your iRobot?
80% of the problems that occur in the technical realm are due to glitches and hence they can be sorted with the simplest hack ever known i.e. rebooting. You just need to give a fresh start to your device and witness the magic. Thus, we advise you to reboot your iRobot; no matter whether Roomba or Bravo to fix the problem. To do that, you need to press and hold the CLEAN button for 10-20 seconds. A little tune will be heard. After that, see if your iRobot connects to the extender’s WiFi.

Reasons: iRobot Not Connecting to Extender WiFi

Numerous reasons are there when it comes to creating a connectivity issue between a range extender and an iRobot like Roomba. To make the troubleshooting part easy for you, we are focusing on the major reasons that will automatically cover the minor ones. Also, we are taking an example of a Netgear range extender. Read below:

Reason 1: No Power on iRobot

Are you able to see any lights on your iRobot? No? To check, press the CLEAN button to wake your robot. Still no light? Hence, it is a clear sign that your iRobot is running out of power and you cannot connect a dead robot to the Netgear extender’s WiFi right now.

Reason 2: Roomba Out of WiFi Range

Distance matters a lot when it comes to connectivity between two devices. Perhaps, your iRobot is not sharing a fair distance with the WiFi range extender you own. You can understand with a simple fact that you will experience issues connecting to if your Netgear extender is not located close to your router.

So, these were the two topmost reasons due to which the iRobot does not connect to the extender’s WiFi. However, we suggest you reboot your WiFi range extender before commencing the actual troubleshooting process. Any device can become a victim of technical glitches. Isn’t it?

Troubleshooting: iRobot Not Connecting to Extender WiFi

Check the Frequency Band
There’s one more thing we suggest you verify before giving a shot at the upcoming tips i.e. you should check the frequency band to which you have connected your iRobot. For ease of tasks, it is suggested that you connect your robot to the 2.4 GHz band that covers larger areas.

Solution 1: Charge Your iRobot

Start the troubleshooting process by charging your iRobot. For this, you need to charge the Home Base Charging Station. You need to connect it to the power outlet via an adapter. If a tone is heard after a few minutes, you can conclude that the iRobot is charged and is fully awake. The solid white light on the clean button will also indicate the same.

Charge Your iRobot

Solution 2: Bring Robot in the Extender’s Range

Another thing you can do in order to fix the connectivity issue between an iRobot and a WiFi range extender is to bridge their gap. Yes, we agree that the extender can transmit signals even in the dead zones. But, it does have a particular range. To fix the problem, we advise you either change the geofiltering location for your extender by accessing the Netgear Genie login page or place the iRobot closer to your Netgear range extender.

Note: Sometimes, an outdated firmware of the range extender can also cause issues related to WiFi connectivity. To get them resolved, you should update your extender’s firmware using the Nighthawk app or the login web URL.

In Conclusion

That is all about what to do to fix the iRobot not connecting to extender WiFi issue. It is expected that with the help of the aforementioned solutions, you will be able to connect your iRobot to the WiFi network broadcasted by your extender. On the off-chance, all your attempts fail, it is recommended that you reset your iRobot to its default factory settings and set it up once again i.e. connect it to the extender’s WiFi again via the dedicated mobile application. And yes, these hacks are applicable for Bravo as well as Roomba.