Macard WiFi Extender Not Working with Netgear Router [Solved]

Macard WiFi Extender Not Working with Netgear Router

I’ve recently performed Macard WiFi extender setup with a Netgear router. I was hoping that I’ll get improved WiFi signals across my house. But, things are exactly opposite. My Macard WiFi extender is not working with Netgear router. Is there anything wrong with my Netgear router? Because the extender worked perfectly with my previous router. If yes,then what should I do to correct it.

The case you’ve just read was reported by a Netgear router user who extended its network via a Macard range extender. If you are also stressing due to the same issue, this blog can ease out those worry lines on your forehead. Here, we will discuss some tips and tricks that you can follow to fix the issue. Read on.

Fix: Macard WiFi Extender Not Working with Netgear Router

The tips to fix the non-working status of your Macard WiFi extender are mentioned below. But, before you try anything else, it is recommended that you perform a power cycle of the network. The reason being, a minor glitch in the network can cause problems.

In order to power cycle the network, you are advised to unplug your Netgear router and Macard extender one by one. Thereafter, wait for 15 minutes and re-plug your WiFi devices in the same sequence you unplugged them. Verify whether the WiFi extender starts working or not. If not, the tips mentioned below are all yours.


1. Update the Netgear Router Firmware

Many stances have been reported where client devices do not respond due to the outdated firmware version of the firmware on Netgear router. Since Macard WiFi range extender is also a client for your Netgear router, there are chances that the problem has arisen due to the same reason.

Therefore, you are advised to go to Netgear Genie login pageand update the firmware of your Netgear router. While you do that, just make sure that the firmware version matches the model number of the Netgear router you own.

You can also update the router firmware through the Nighthawk app. But, be certain that the process is completed without any interruption.

2. Disconnect Devices to Reduce Netgear Router Traffic

At times, devices connected to the Netgear router do not allow a WiFi range extender to connect. This usually happens when too many devices are connected to the router’s network thereby leaving no space for a WiFi range extender to connect..

The only solution that you can try to follow in such a case is to disconnect some devices accessing the Netgear router network. Doing so will create a room for your Macard WiFi range extender.

Verify the LAN Connection

There are chances that everything is well with the Netgear router and your Macard range extender. But, it is the Ethernet cable connecting them that is bugging you. Therefore, we suggest you have a look at that cable and verify whether the connection at the extender and router’s port is finger-tight. If not, then you should connect the cable properly. In case the cable is found damaged, get it replaced with a new one.

3. Try to Reduce the Extender-Router Gap

It hardly matters whether you have done Macard extender setup via phone or using a computer. You have to maintain a decent gap between both devices. This is because for two devices to communicate properly, you should place them in each other’s range.

Thus, you should bring your Macard extender a little closer to your Netgear router. There should be a gap of 8-10 ft between them. This gap can be adjusted if there is physical obstruction between the router and extender.

But, it never means that you can place your devices very close. Such an act can create a clash of their WiFi signals and that is a bigger problem to address.

4. Change the Router’s Location

There is also a probability that the Netgear router is placed at a poor location due to which it is unable to communicate with Macard WiFi range extender. Maybe you have placed it in an area where its signals are getting interfered. So, you should change the location of your Netgear router.

If possible, try to place the router in the central area of a well-ventilated room. Do not keep it near a show window, and an object that contains a large amount of water. You should also avoid placing the router in an area that does not have heavy electrical appliances.


The Final Words

That’s all about what to do if your Macard WiFi extender is not working with Netgear router. Hopefully, after trying these solutions, your extender will start working. Apart from applying these techniques, you should ensure that you have entered the correct WiFi password of the router in the extender’s portal.

If nothing seems to work out, you should reset the Netgear router and Macard WiFi extender and set up both devices from scratch.