Netgear EX6100V2 Running DHCP Server on Ethernet – Fixed

Netgear EX6100V2 Running DHCP Server on Ethernet – Fixed

Netgear WiFi extenders have made it possible for users to watch enthralling series and play multiplayer games on their client devices without any difficulty. All thanks to their ability to provide strength and improve the WiFi range of signals emitted by routers. But, these days, users who have completed the Netgear EX6100V2 setup via the Ethernet cable are finding themselves in a tough spot. A recent query that we’ve come across with respect to the very same model of Netgear range extender went like this:

I have an EX6100V2 wireless range extender brought in by Netgear. The extender has been set up to work in the Range Extender mode. As soon as I connected my client devices to the extended network name i.e. Netgear_ext, I got to know that devices connected to my home network end with the IP address having a prefix 192.168.1/24. However, my home network’s IP address prefix is 192.168.0/24. I feel that my range extender is working through a DHCP server on the Ethernet port and it has automatically created a 192.168.1/24 subnet. I thought that the wired port of the extender would run on the same subnet. But, things are the opposite.

Are you also finding yourself in a tough spot like the above-described user? If yes, then you first need to know that setting up the extender via the Ethernet cable allows the extender to act as an access point in most cases. It is an Access Point only that connects to the WiFi router via an Ethernet cable. But, that’s just one scenario. The actual picture varies a lot and we’ll provide you with a detailed explanation about the same. Walk through the next section to learn about the same.

Why is Netgear EX6100V2 Running DHCP Server on Ethernet?

You must know that whenever a wired connection is established with the router, the client device gets a new IP address. The EX6100V2 extender is also a client device for your router even though it is a part of your home network and is sharing a wired connection.

Therefore, if you are seeing a different IP address getting assigned to your WiFi range extender, then it all has happened because of the Ethernet cable connection between the range extender. Perhaps, there is also a possibility of the same cable being a damaged one due to which there are fluctuations in internet and hence IP addresses. The solution you can follow to fix the problem is to use a non-damaged Ethernet cable for the connection or learn how to reset Netgear extender so that you can configure it again. However, this time you should be approaching a wireless medium (WPS method) to connect your Netgear EX6100V2 WiFi range extender to the host router.

If you are not familiar with the steps to reset the Netgear range extender, you can either take the aid of the product’s manual or use the instructions highlighted in the upcoming section.

Instructions to Perform Netgear EX6100V2 Factory Reset

Given below are the instructions that you should follow if you want to reset your EX6100V2 wireless range extender and set it up from scratch:

  • Ensure that your WiFi range extender is connected to an up-and-running socket.
  • Consider disconnecting the Ethernet cable connecting the extender and router.
  • Now, you must check the periphery of the extender and find the Reset button.
  • Have you located the button? If yes, grab an oil pin or a paper clip right away!
  • Using the chosen object, press the Reset button very carefully.
  • You are supposed to hold the button for at least 20-30 seconds.
  • The moment the Power LED of the EX6100V2 gains stability, you can conclude that the reset process is completed.

Now, it is time to set up the WiFi range extender again. But, this time, we suggest you take the help of the WPS approach for the installation process. Want to learn how to go about the process? Go ahead with the directions rounded up in the next section.

How to Complete Netgear EX6100V2 Setup Using WPS?

  • Bring your range extender to the room where you have placed your home router.
  • Once done, you can power up both the WiFi devices (first router, then extender).
  • Now, find and press the WPS button on the extender.
  • Time to press the same button on the router! So, do the honors.
  • Let the 2.4GHz LED on the extender glow.
  • You are now suggested to press the WPS button again on both devices to establish a 5GHz connection.

Note: In case your router does not have a physical button, you need to access the web-based management through its default IP and click the WPS option under the Settings section. The setup process will be completed.

To Summarize

The Netgear EX6100V2 running DHCP server on Ethernet in the Extender mode problem can seem a hard nut to crack. But, if you diagnose the issue precisely, you can decipher that getting rid of the problem was all about resetting the range extender and setting it up again using the WPS method. Now, it is expected that you’ve successfully bid farewell to the issue.