Netgear EX6110-100UKS No Internet Connection [Resolved]

Netgear EX6110-100UKS No Internet Connection

No internet connection on a WiFi range extender can halt internet access to various wireless clients in the house. This blog will discuss the reasons why this happens and what you can do to get rid of it. To make the concept easy to learn, we have taken the example of a Netgear EX6110-100UKS range extender.

Reasons Behind Netgear EX6110-100UKS No Internet Connection

No internet connection error can occur due to multiple reasons. But, before you learn about them, you must check with your Internet Service Provider whether some maintenance is being performed from his side. If not, then the following reasons might be causing the issue:

  • There’s an improper distance between your extender and router
  • You might have used an outdated LAN cable for the extender-router link
  • Technical glitches have forced your extender to fall victim to such an issue
  • WiFi interference can also create such issues

Solutions: Netgear EX6110-100UKS No Internet Connection

Given below are the solutions that can be adopted to get the no internet connection issue fixed with your Netgear EX6110 range extender. You are suggested to walk through them carefully and try accessing the login URL just to ensure that the internet connection is back.

1. Maintain a Safe Extender-Router Connection

The distance between your Netgear EX6110 range extender and the main router must not be more than 8-10ft. Know that when you place your devices at a distance more than that, they won’t be able to communicate properly and hence no internet connection issue arises. But, it never means that you can place your devices very close. The reason being, it can result in a clash of their WiFi signals.

2. Replace the LAN Cable

Some users prefer connecting their Netgear EX6110-100UKS extender to their routers using a LAN cable. In that case, the cable becomes the primary source of communication between them. If that cable is damaged, the signal transmission between the extender and router will get affected. Therefore, you are advised to change the cable with a new one. You also have to ensure that the connection is nowhere near loose.

3. Restart the Extender

Technical glitches can be simply fixed by restarting the range extender. You just need to pull the extender’s plug out of its respective wall socket and wait for some time. After that, plug the range extender back and turn it on. On a computer or mobile phone connected to your extender’s network, try accessing the MyNetgear portal. If you are able to do that, it means technical glitches were the reason causing the problem. Otherwise, read the next tip.


4. Change the Extender’s Location

The extender’s placement in a bottlenecked area also creates the issue in discussion. This is because the Netgear EX6110-100UKS extender does not expand signals in such a case. So, it is advised to change the location of the range extender. Ideally, it should be away from devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies and objects containing a large amount of water. The chosen space is supposed to be well-ventilated too.

The Final Words

No internet connection on the Netgear EX6110-100UKS extender is not a big thing to resolve. With the help of a few hit and trials, you can get the internet connection back. Hopefully, the tips given above will help you achieve the same. In case, they fail to help you, perform Netgear extender setup once again after resetting the extender.