Is Your Netgear Extender Not Accepting Password? Here’s the Fix!

Is Your Netgear Extender Not Accepting Password

Is your Netgear extender not accepting password and you’re pretty much sure that you are entering the right details? Well, in that case, your WiFi is at risk. Now, what to do?

First, the obvious, don’t lose your temperament. If your Netgear extender password won’t work and you are unable to access the Netgear Genie setup wizard, most likely someone has got access to your device. Well, getting the issue fixed is not a hard nut to crack. Just check the troubleshooting guide given below and get back your extender’s access in no time.

Reasons Why Netgear Extender Not Accepting Password Issue

Before you try any of the hacks we are going to enlist here, check the following. Perhaps, you get rid of the issue without implementing troubleshooting tips.

  • The Caps Lock key is the major culprit behind getting Netgear extender not accepting password issue. So, confirm whether the key is off while you are trying to do extender login by accessing mywifiext net.
  • If you have changed the login details of your extender, but still are using the default username and password, then also your extender will show the password error message. Make sure you are using the changed login details to access the Genie setup wizard.

Still facing the same? Well, worry not! Now, give a shot to the troubleshooting tips given in the write-up below.

Fix Netgear Extender Not Accepting Password

The most likely scenario behind getting the issue is that your login details have been hacked. This happens mostly when users ignore changing the default credentials of their device after completing the setup.

As the default username and password are the same for all Netgear extenders, it becomes easy for WiFi hackers to get access to your device. Having done so, they will not only change your WiFi password but sometimes also change the recovery info related to your WiFi device.

So, the next time you try to access the settings of your device, you will be informed that your password is incorrect. But, as your details have been changed, your Netgear extender will not accept the password.

Now, all you need to do is to recover the login details. This can be done by resetting your extender to the default settings. Getting your device back to factory defaults will wipe off all the settings of your device, including username and password. Once done, consider re-configuring your extender and access the Netgear Genie setup wizard using the default credentials once again.


Even if you get success with the extender login process, there is a need to focus on certain points for keeping such kinds of problems at bay in the future.

  • No matter whether you have Netgear N300 setup at your home or any other, consider changing the password of your device after re-configuring it.
  • Choose a strong password for your extender by using special characters, digits, and alphabets.
  • Jot down the details somewhere, just in case you forget them.
  • Create a guest account for your visitors to avoid sharing extender admin login details with anyone.
  • Have a frequent check on the list of devices connected to your extender. If any suspicious connectivity is found, immediately disconnect it, and again change the login password of your WiFi.

Final Thoughts

Getting the extender not accepting password issue is a pain. This can lead to lots of inconveniences and prevent you from making the most of your device. Thus, make sure you follow all the precautionary measures to protect your WiFi from various potential threats.

If even after trying the tips given here, you are still not getting extender login success, get in touch with our expert technicians for immediate help. They will surely help you fix the Netgear extender not accepting password issue. See ya!